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Do you see what’s trending on Tumblr?



Do you see what’s trending on Tumblr?

   "Drink my blood of life             Stare into mysterious eyes                     See through to my soul                              Past hidden truth and lies"
       "Drink my blood of life
                 Stare into mysterious eyes
                         See through to my soul 
                                 Past hidden truth and lies"

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            2014 Bigeast Summer DVD

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                OT5 ~

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                  From the actors who acted with Yunho, I heard that ‘Yunho works hard in acting’, challenging to historical drama is not easy, and filming in Summer is tough, it’s going to be tiring for him. But I think that he will do well. Fighting Yunho yah”

                  “I heard from the actors who worked with Yunho that he is always working hard at the filming sites. I believe he will do well this time too. It is tough doing historical drama for the first time, especially it is not easy to move a lot wearing the Korean traditional clothes in summer, taking care of his health and be careful, I hope that he can do well.
                  “Actually I couldn’t watch the dramas Yunho appeared in as my schedule was busy every time. This time too, JYJ’s world tour is starting soon, I’ll definitely watch it once I have the time. Yunho yah fighting.”

                  “I heard about it. I also hope that Yunho will do well, it would be great. Although it is same process which every actors have to go through, I’m also like that, Yunho is also like that, if we compare to veteran actors, isn’t this a stage we have to walk now (for acting), if we pass this process, I believe we will show better acting.


                  140731 - Jaejoong mentions Yunho in his interview.

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